Aligning Your Financial Wellbeing with Your Future

What does it take to not just survive, but to flourish?
Not just have money but to live with abundance.
Not just have riches but to experience wealth.

What is wealth, really?

More than digits in a bank account, wealth is defined by each of us and dependent upon our core values. Wealth can be measured in time, relationships, experiences and significance. With Shannon Blackmon, CFP®, RLP® as your guide, transform both your personal measure of wealth and your money mindset.

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In this course, you will recognize your money story and the link between our emotions and money.

Illuminate how to put the Money Powers to work for you (earning, spending, saving, giving and investing for the future.) Explore the energy of money and the freedom that a budget brings. Gain strategies and resources to utilize money as a tool to live up to your highest potential and help others do the same. Discover how to live comfortably within your means while on your way to true financial freedom and peace of mind.

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(Partial Listing)

  • Dental Entrepreneur Women (DeW) Learning Crew
  • Dental Speaker Institute
  • Diablo Valley College Dental Hygiene Program
  • East Bay ITI Study Club
  • Sacramento District Dental Society
  • Thomas Doll (multiple)
  • YWCA; Oakland, CA

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"Thank you so much for the program and great content. Shannon Blackmon provides a unique perspective and synergy with the tax side of financial planning."

- Quincy L. Gibbs, DDS, FA

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