Money Stories

Money Stories

Money is system and just like any system, when there is disfunction, there is pain. 

  • You may be the one who did everything right. You studied hard, focused on your career, maybe you’re even juggling parenting and family relationships. But you’re getting burnt out and wonder what it would feel like to be content and have enough.
  • Or you struggle with debt and despite appearing successful on the outside, feel the constant pressure of living paycheck to paycheck (or payroll to payroll) and something always comes up.
  • Maybe you’re a diligent saver and keep careful track of your finances, but you simply don’t feel enjoyment.
  • Or you’re doing great in business and money isn’t an issue, but you don’t feel in alignment with your purpose.
  • Maybe you haven’t paid any attention to money but now you have the nagging feeling you might need to play catch up.

All these are pain points in the Money System, that can be healed

We often try to fix money issues by working on money as an object – earning more, learning more, or recommitting to yet another budget, but the most powerful process in the cycle for healing the money energy system is eliminating what isn’t needed. It’s a process of subtraction, not addition. Yes, this can be literally decluttering your expenses and getting rid of subscriptions, etc. but just as important, if not more is decluttering our minds from old, past conditioning. We call these money stories.

Money stories are subconscious beliefs about money that we’ve inherited from our culture, learned from our parents, or absorbed from society. Healing our money system involves recognizing that these beliefs still affect us to this day and learning to release them.

Some money stories might be:

  • “I have to outperform to prove my worth.”
  • “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
  • “Money ensures my status in the world.”
  • “Always save for a rainy day.”

These beliefs are ingrained in our survival instincts and woven into our identities

That’s why unearthing our money scripts is the hardest work to do in our financial freedom journey. It takes unwavering awareness and radically honest self-inquiry as we notice our ideas about money, feel what needs to be felt, and in the process uncover our essence and our values.

Our identities have been shaped by our experiences by what our parents modeled for us, and what society has shown us. The messages we received as children about money have become part us and shape our financial decision making. We learn to set limits on what is and isn’t possible. We create our world of experiences with the perceived limits we grew up with. The work of becoming mature and our path to financial freedom is unhooking our identity from these experiences.

We learn that we are more than our limited identities

This applies not to just money stories, of course, but all sorts of messages we internalized – gender roles, worthiness, career choice, etc. By recognizing and consciously releasing the conditioning around money that we grew up with, we are free to

  • Choose
  • Act
  • Feel
  • Think
  • Connect

Eventually, we replace our outdated money stories with knowledge about how money actually works so that we can fund our highest ideals.

Moving from survival instincts, to thriving from our hearts, we infuse our view of money and the world with energy, vigor, meaning, and purpose – all aimed at our new, limitless vision of what’s possible.

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